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(Evening appointments available)


What to expect at your first appointment

A detailed medical history is taken, which includes past medical history and presenting condition.  It is important to provide details of any medicines and supplements that you are taking.  In Chinese Medicine, details about thirst, appetite, digestion, sleep, hot/cold preference are also noted.  Your tongue is examined and the quality of your pulse assessed.  Your blood pressure may be taken.  If you are presenting with muscle or joint pain, this area will be examined by touch and by checking mobility.  Acupuncture is carried out once you are lying on the treatment couch. You may be asked to remove some outer clothing in which case covering sheets are provided. Needles are usually left in place for 20 – 30  minutes.


How many treatments

This obviously depends on the presenting condition its duration.   Individuals also vary in their response.  Occasionally patients feel sleepy or euphoric after Acupuncture so my approach is to make the first treatment a fairly gentle one. Usually I suggest coming weekly for 4 sessions initially.  For long term chronic conditions such as arthritis, after initial sessions, the patient may wish to attend for “maintenance” acupuncture sessions at 4, 6 or 8 weeks dependent on the condition.
 The length of time a patient may take herbs  also varies dependent on treatment aim.  
Short courses are appropriate for acute conditions. In infertility, I prefer longer courses of 3 – 5 months but this of course varies with the individual.

Fees and cancellation charges

Since sessions are 45minutes or longer – we ask for 24 hours notice of cancellation.

Missed appointments are charged at 50%.

Price List from 01.09.17

  Acupuncture  & Herbs – First Appt  -      75 mins  £55
  Returns  45 mins  £38
     60 mins  £45
  Consultation Infertility  - First Appt  90 mins  £70
  Returns as above    

Herbal prescriptions are individualised. An estimate of cost can be given at the time of consultation.

   Herbal review  30 mins  £25 
     45 mins  £38

Patients who have not been seen for a year or more, may require a longer appointment on return and will be charged accordingly.